I am an Official Easycare Dealer. For any hoof protection to function the hoof has certain parameters that need to be in place. Just as a horse will lose a metal shoe at times, even the most well intentioned hoof boot will come off and be lost out on the trail if not fitted properly. First and foremost, there needs to be a proper trim and a properly fitted boot or shoe and even then there are tweaks that can enhance the fit and the ability of the protection to stay in place, even in the most rugged and grueling terrain.

 The horse industry needs to enter the 21st century as much has been learned in the last decade about hoof protection. I will check for proper trim, I carry some 20 sizes of boots for fitting and help advise as to the product that will best fit you and your horses style and frequency of riding. I offer a boot trade in service that will help keep your horse current with the latest in hoof protection. Pictured below is just a few of the hoof protection options that I offer. Call for your boot or shoe fitting appointment  (618) 960-5022.

Boot and Shoe Service and Sales

My approach  to trimming I learned from my training at Mackinaw Dells II taught by Ida Hammer along with many other learning resources. My approach is in line with Pete Ramey's and many of those in the American Hoof Association. There is attention paid to all aspects of the horse, donkey or mule's  overall condition and considers environmental, dietary and social life etc..

 My goal with any trim is to put the hoof in balance as Mother Nature would, given the right conditions, enabling the hoof to have optimum health and performance.  Pricing for service is dependent on travel distance, number of animals to be seen, behavior of animal to be trimmed.  Please give me a call so I can schedule a consult when in your area. Greg (618) 960-5022 or gregsnyders@charter.net

Trimming Services