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The Story of America's Wild Horses and Burros

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Below are links to videos showing the natural habitats that horse thrive in, far removed from the common green pasture concept of equine care.

                                                         Paddock Paradise

One of the best ways to offer your horse the benefits they would enjoy in Nature is to look into what is called Paddock Paradise. Jamie Jackson, known as the Father of the Barefoot Trim and founder of                   (Association For The Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices)  has developed an approach to creating a track system that encourages movement while supplying a balanced diet and phycological stimulation that a horse would have in a more natural herd setting in Nature.

You can visit Paddock Paradise by going

                                                      My Tevis Experience

One of the sports that I enjoy is jogging. There is so many mental and physical health benefits to jogging and in the summer of 2014 I started running barefoot.  I was able to ride with Paul Sidio and his wife Patsy in their  RV from Kansas City Missouri to Reno Nevada. While in Nevada I I took the opportunity to run the foothills barefoot, wow, what a learning experience. The pictures below I took with my phone while jogging. The  shrubs, brush and brambles are the food source of the local wild horses. The terrain was an assortment of dirt, sand, gravel and rock. With the daily movement these wild horses get and the free choice of food resources they manage a full spectrum diet and have the most incredible hooves, all produced by Mother Nature. Just as a hoof is made up of many parts such as the hoof wall, sole, frog and bars and each part having a different resistance to abrasive values, the ground has an assortment of abrasive makeup. The daily movement allows these different abrasives to do various sculpting functions to the hoof as a whole. When a trimmer approaches a hoof to trim they are putting themselves in the position to consider the lack of any or all of these natural occurring abrasives and the lack of movement. My goal is to assist the horse by trimming only the parts that nature is kept from doing naturally due to boarding practices, dietary deficiencies and lack movement.

Trimming and Training the Barefoot Performance Horse 1  

Wild Horses, Running

Barefoot Slow Motion: Rockley Farm

Barefoot Horse Brumby Foot, Wild Horse hoof- Natural Hoof Care

Barefoot horses, shod horses - shock absorption and balance

The Iron Age is over - Hooves in

Self-trim in a Paddock Paradise