Off the track Thoroughbred 17 years old.Simply a case of neglect.

15 year old Jack Mule.Typically a Mule will have hoofs similar to a Donkey's, but not always. Many times they are somewhere between a Donkey's and a horses hoof. And each Mule can require a different trim.

Before                                                                        After

Yearling Tobiano        There are times when a horse is kept in less then ideal condition. 

This little guy had not had any trimming. His hoof where incredibly grown out and thrush had eaten most of his frog.  As a first trim I was limited on just how much I could do.  During early stages of development allowing this to happen puts this horse in a situation where he may not ever develop sufficient digital cushions, therefore, never developing healthy feet.         

Before                                                                         After

Before                                                                        After

    These are a few examples of first trim results

                                    When a hoof becomes excessive in growth and distortions develop the approach is always "Do No Harm". A trim can help a horse to grow and recover, but the trim is not a "fix all". Conditions the equine is kept in, freedom of movement, 24/7 access to free choice hay are also essentials that should never be neglected.  These are all things that I would discuss with every potential client in order to help establish a comprehensive care program.

DJ a 25 year old Donkey. DJ broke into a feed room almost 20 years ago and the result was founder. DJ's past experience with trimmers was being stretched out by one rope on a halter and another rope on the leg to be trimmed.  I tried a gentler way and by DJ's third trim no restraints was used at all.

Before                                                                        After