Hoof And Boots Barefoot Trim And Hoof Rehabilitation And Boot Sales

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Horse, Mule &Donkey

Barefoot Trimming

A Little About Me

Hi, I'm Greg, Early retirement has allowed me to do what I enjoy most and that's helping animals. As my wife and I found ourselves as new horses owners, we quickly found that good hoof care was hard to come by. We started out with our horses wearing iron shoes as that's what we were told was the best for our horses.As time passed we went through several Farriers before meeting Eric Knapp, a barefoot trimmer. I was so impressed with the health and condition of the horses hooves that he trimmed. I followed Eric as he trimmed horse after horse asking a hundred questions. One day while observing Eric as he was trimming he suggested that I take a Hoof Trimming Clinic that Ida Hammer teaches. I looked up the Mackinaw Dells II web site and signed up. Once attending that clinic I knew that I wanted to help as many horse  as I could go barefoot.

  I have studied under Dr. Eleanor Kellon the course NRC Plus that covers Equine nutrition.

 You will find links to Mackinaw Dells II and Dr. Eleanor Kellon's sites in theHelpful Links section.