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Trim approach is modeled after the Great Basin, Wild Mustang hoof, yet allowing an open perspective to what is best for a particular hoof. These are the hooves that nature intended our horses to have.

Official Easycare Dealer.

I can  fit your horse with the right fit and choice of  hoof protection that will work for your horse and for you. Click on the image above to learn about Easycare hoof protection.

 Most 'envision' horses as they are primarily depicted in artwork, magazines, films, - in a big, green field of grass. Or in stalls. Grass causes the debilitating disease called laminits and stall confinement is simply torturous for any social/nomadic/flight/herd/prey animal who needs a diet native to the desert, needs movement and needs to socialize to thrive.

‚ÄčI received my certification through Mackinaw Dells 2 Applied Whole Horse Hoof -Care Programe. I am currently taking the NRC Plus equine nutrician course offered by Dr Eleanor Kellon.

 Hoof and Boots provides trimming, hoof protection and help with nutrition and natural horse keeping.

 Please browse through the web  site and feel free to contact me either by email, phone or Facebook PM. I'll be glad to help in any way I can